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8/02/2014 4:12 am  #1

FOR SALE: MH Lagoona, Cleo, Scarah / EAH Ashlynn

Hey folks,

I have some dolls to set loose. All items are originally owned by me unless otherwise noted. Adult collector here. Pet/smoking/sloppy kid free home. I accept paypal and ship via USPS to US addresses only. 



Target Exclusive "We Are Monster High" Student Disembody Council Set:
- Lagoona Blue
- Cleo De Nile
- Scarah Screams
each doll is $12 shipped ($15 if you want the doll still attached to the cardboard).
Stands are not available as they did not come packaged with this set.

Create-A-Monster Torso Pack NRFB
$20 shipped



Ashlynn Ella (from the Hunter 2-pack)
$12 shipped
includes stand and story bookmark. Clothes have never been removed and accesories are still secured in place by elastics.



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