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10/14/2013 1:26 am  #1

General Rules of The American Girl Collectors Message Board

These are all the General rules of the board. Specific rules for Selling and Pictures are here and here respectively.

Overarching Rule: The Rules are always subject to updates, changes, and revision. The mods will alert you to new rules when they are made, and all new rules are in effect at the moment of announcement.

1: No Bigotry. Everyone's Allowed.

We are an inclusive community. This means everyone is welcome here. If you start calling people nasty names and using racist and insulting terms, then you will find yourself in trouble, up to and including banning. We don't want that. You can call it Social Justice, Political Correctness, Too Much Safe Space, Feminism Gone Wild, Reverse Racism, Intolerance of the Privileged, what have you. If you can't participate without being bigoted, the door's going to hit you in the butt.

2: Own Your Words.

Around here, people are probably going to be saying various things and have varying opinions. And outside of super failing things, you can say what you want. And then realize that other people can say what they want back to you if you say or do something bone-headed.

If you say something, you will be defending it yourself. If you can't handle the heat, don't go into the kitchen. "Just my opinion" is not Super Special Internets Code that means "You can't challenge me anymore, nyah nyah now shut up," and the mods will not close your thread because you don't like the responses you're getting. Don't delete posts to say "Never mind" or "I don't want to talk about it any more!" or any of it. No wiping of your posts. Obviously, sales posts are an exception to this, but in other forums, no.

3: Write Like an Adult

We like it when you type in easily understood, intelligent speech. The board is in English, so that's the preferred language, but speaking other languages is all right. Spell things out. Use the Shift Keys. Don't use multiple question marks or exclamation points, or sprinkle commas and quotations wildly. On the internet we are made of our words, and your typing reflects that. 4 and 2 are numbers. Ur is an archaeological site. DH is the final Harry Potter book, DW is Arthur's little sister, DS is a Nintendo handheld, and DD is a bra size.

4: Be a Big Kid.

People are individuals. Deal with them in that fashion. This means that if someone has pissed you off, then you need to deal with that person. The mods will take care of it if it's blatant trolling or flat out offensive, but we are self-modding when it comes to topics and talk. So if you have a problem with the actions of a member here beyond the actual rules, don't yell at the mod to tell people to behave like we're parents. Go yell at that person. THEY did it. Don't bring the comm into your drama. We're not your parents.

5: No Porn, No Flaming, Don't Be a Dick.

No porn is an obvious. Don't just yell at people to be nasty. There's a difference between "I disagree with you" and "You're a fucking moron." There's a difference between "fuck this" and "fuck you."

6: Keep Your Personal Data Personal

Don't openly post anyone's personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, detailed name data, and the like. You should be old enough now to know how the internet works. If you need to provide your own to someone, send a PM or an e-mail.

7: Off Site Links Aren't Our Issue

If you click a link to a clearly labeled off site link and don't like what you see, then close the window and don't go back. If you don't like someone's blog they post at, don't expect the mods to do much about it if it doesn't break the no-porn false links rule. It's their space to control. There's thousands of places to go, and you might not like 'em all.

8: It's Okay to Not Like Things

It is perfectly okay to not like something that someone else does. What is not okay is to be rude about it. Or to tell someone that their opinion on whatever they happen to like is wrong wrong wrong and that they suck for liking it. Conversely, it is perfectly okay for people to not like something you like. What is wrong is to get all huffy about it and set out to "prove them wrong" or "change their minds." Don't do that. Remember, as the song goes:

9: Thirteen and Over.

All members must be 13 years or older. That's not just our rule, that's the rules of COPPA, it's US Law, and we're compliant with the fact that we can't have any personal data--including IP addresses or the like--from anyone under 13. If we find out at any time that you are under 13, your account will be disabled until you are. Children may not share a parent's account. Wait until you're old enough to join.

10:  BBC, not HTML.

Our Board uses BBC code, not HTML. The Wikipedia page talks all about it, so if you try to use HTML it might not go through.

11: No Signing Up Just to Sell Us Stuff.

We're not here to be advertised to. Don't sign up for our board just to hawk your eBay auctions or etsy shop or other doll/stuff selling ventures. We are a community, not Craigslist. If you only want to get more eyes on your auctions, there are a million and a half places to offer stuff up and get clicks and sell for the sake of selling. We are not the place. (Furthermore, we know the value of things, and no one is going to pay $200 for your naked Felicity with no accesories even if she is from 1991.)

12. Source Your Shit

In these times of exciting new things for American Girl, it is imperitive that you source your finds. Blog posts from wannabe BNFs are not sources, no matter how much she claims that she has "insiders." Claiming a friend of your family is a big up at American Girl and spills secrets to you with no way for the rest of us to verify your information is not a source. Pictures found on Taobao should be clearly marked as "found on Taobao" and a link to the listing provided. 

13. Minimalize the Font Play.

Here, it's perfectly plausible to write an entire post in size 250 neon green text. But we'd rather you not do...that. It's fine to have some colored or bright text in a sig or even a post, to add some stand out parts. But the majority of a message should just be plain font that you get without formatting--no size jumps, no bright colors, no overall bolding/italics. Font play is like glitter: do too much and it gets everywhere like craft herpes, and just doesn't work. There are many people for who bright colors invoke headaches or other issues. Including one of your mods who is quite photosensitive. So just try to use regular colors, kay? We can read it fine without it being huge and covered in red glitter.

14. Don't Be a Braggart

We are all aware that the collecting of American Girl dolls (and the related clothes and accessories)  is a relatively spendy hobby. But we're not here to brag about or compare notes on, how much we've spent on dolls. It's okay to take pictures of your dolls modelling a new outfit, of course. We're happy for you for your cute outfit. But don't do "haul posts," don't brag about how much money you dropped at the AG store or on the site, and don't ask someone how much they paid for something. It can make other people feel bad and not included, so just don't do it. 

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11/12/2013 12:03 am  #2

Re: General Rules of The American Girl Collectors Message Board

Rules for On- and Off-Topic

1. On Topic for the Main AG board: American Girl Dolls, primarily. But any other 18" dolls (Life of Faith, Gotz) can be seen in pictures. We are not DoA. If it's focused on 18 or so inches of delicous shaped dolly goodness, then it can be babbled about. We're not going to make you have to go to the Off Brand Board because there's an Off Brander in the shot, but we'd like it if a post is, say, about OG stuff coming out, that it go there.

1a. Thin connections don't count. If you're touring the White House and you happened to take Molly with you but you didn't take any pictures of her, then this is off topic. So are Holiday posts that are just like "yo it's easter" or "Merry Christmas here is a picture of my dogs." I think we know generally what holidays are on the way.

2. Off Topic Babble Boards: Anything. Want to bitch about your day at work? Squeal about some delicious food? Throw a tantrum? Go right ahead. There will probably be a few pinned topics depending on the season, but babble away.

3. If things get moved from off to on topic or on to off, the word of the mods is semi-final. Semi as in we are human and make mistakes, but semi as in don't wail to Mod A about Mod B being a meanie butt. We stay in communication.

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Re: General Rules of The American Girl Collectors Message Board

Rules for Reviews

1. Reviews are only to be posted in the appropriate board. If you're posting pictures of something in Pics or it Didn't Happen, and want to give a few thoughts on it, it is perfectly okay to keep it in POIDH, but if your post is a dedicated review of an American Girl or Adjacent Product, it needs to go in the review board.

2. "This sucks" is not a review. "I don't like this item because (reasons)" is a review. People read reviews to find out what someone they follow/trust thinks of the item in question and thusly, your review should be well thought out and thorough. Enumerate your reasons for liking or not liking an item. (Yes, even "It's cute!" counts, but you should probably not be that pithy.)

3. Pictures in reviews should be clear, focused, and have minimal Photoshopping. A little to fix lighting problems/brightness is fine, but the first one of you that applies Instagram filters to your review pictures is being told to do it over. Auto-focus is your friend. 

4. On the tip of pictures, please put how many pictures are in the post in the subject line of your post.

5. Reviews should be contained on the board. A post should not consist of a link to your blog. If you have a review on your blog, post it in the Pimp My Blog Megathread. 

6. When it comes to reviews that you didn't get direct from AG, or things you bought from Ebay or Etsy, especially from specific stores, please remember to fully disclose that you are not affiliated with said store, that you paid for your item and were not paid to make the review. If the item was purchased from the store of someone you are close to or frequent often, please also fully disclose that, and be mindful that you will have a natural bias towards your friend.
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