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9/20/2014 10:19 pm  #11

Re: Vintage dolls

Classify vintage? XD 

I have a soft spot for the old style skipper. The one in like the red and white sailor jumpsuit and any of those. Also I like any of the Kelly/Chealsea, Stacie, Tommy and all their fiiends. I am a big on adorable daces,
I am not a fan of the old "shifty eye barvies" Although vintage barbie fashions oh YES PLEASE those are gorgeous. 
The closest thing to vintage Barbies i like are from the 80's and 90's cause I grew up with those and I am biased! XD I also really like dolls with the "steffie" face. ( I do want the Quick Curl Barbie and Mod Ken... I'd also LOVE to have a vintage Alan =u= There is somehing cute about him?  

I look in Goodwills but i can never find the older barbies , only the new ones or ones i do not care for .Then again ... i am not ACTIVILY looking for em but if i find one i will snap it up!
In order: Ivy Ling, Samantha and Nathan, Hannah (A Faithful Hearts doll ) 

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