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9/01/2014 1:35 am  #1

Journey Books? Potential spoilers!

Has anyone else picked up copies of the new Journey books and taken a peek at them? Since I ended up being able to head up to AG Boston, I brought the coupons and got Addy and Rebecca's books (with the help of my mom, lol, the third coupon went to a girl who had her Caroline with her and was eying the books). I felt kind of guilty not getting Kaya's because she's my oldest currently in production doll in terms of when I acquired her, but Addy and Rebecca are the two I'm generally most interested in collecting for these days.

I've read Addy's pretty throughly and have started poking at Rebecca's, and I like them? But I have to admit, Addy's seemed to have a lot of redundancy in it at first, as in I felt like there was a lot of rehashing the plot of her meet book in the dialogue, which makes sense in the context of you the main character of the book don't know anything about her, while you the in real life person reading the book presumably has. I wasn't a fan of that, and it took me a while to get to the parts of her book that started catching my attention. Thus far I haven't noticed that being as big of an issue in Rebecca's book, but I've only read through one complete rotation of the story so far.

That being said, the contrast of a modern reader surrogate thinking about the differences between the character's time period and modern day I thought worked pretty well in terms of fleshing out things that might not have made as big an impression in the original book series. For example, the main character notices that Addy and her mother's apartment over Mrs. Ford's dress shop is smaller than her own bedroom at home, which might help put it into more context than just saying it's a one room apartment, because one room can be pretty big. They also do a pretty decent job of covering more than one topic - I was worried that because Rebecca's entire revamped collection and the title of the book scream MOVIES that it would only focus on that aspect of her life, but the story I picked focused almost entirely on school, life for immigrants and conditions in factories, so I was glad to see some diversity. Addy's also touches on school, how life is different from her vs. Sarah vs. wealthy people in Philadelphia, and the injustices and dangers faced by former slaves in a society that allegedly protected their right to freedom.

My one big thing that I was a little unsure about was that apparently certain endings can only be accessed online, and considering I, you know, in theory paid for these books and will pay for the others, I don't love that part of them might become inaccessible if they ever relaunch the line again or the company goes under? I'm kind of missing the point of why they decided to include an online element at all, because it doesn't redirect you to the games website or even the actual online store when you've "finished" the book. If it did, I feel like it'd make more sense, but right now it kind of just seems a little gimmicky.

So, what do you guys think? Who's should I pick up next after Kaya's?
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9/05/2014 6:31 pm  #2

Re: Journey Books? Potential spoilers!

I have Addy's (coupon too!) I liked it because it emphasizes education. The Stand-in-girl is IDed as black, and she's struggling in school (more out of lazy than anything) and missing her parents, and the ways they kept pushing how Addy had a lot more issues. The rehashing was a touch irritating, though. (Also Harriet is a terrible bitch in it and I like bitchy Harriet.) I'm terrible at CYOA books and will probably be tagging mine in some way to be able to mark the plot ending for reference readings.

I hope there's a way to download the other endings. I plan to get Kit's next--since Josefina's isn't out yet, I'm not getting hers--and Kaya's. They're the only girls I have that are BeForevers. Though I'm hella interested in Julie's. It's likely there will be book bundles at Costco as Winter Holiday gets closer, and I'll probably pick up several of those to get the two-book volumes.

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9/12/2014 9:49 pm  #3

Re: Journey Books? Potential spoilers!

I downloaded Caroline's as an iBook from iTunes. I liked how I didn't have to flip through a book - you just tap your choice and it moves on to the next page in the sequence. The modern girl has no race described in the book, she's a newly minted Navy brat, having a mother who just decided to join up as a doctor in the Navy. The modern girl is terrified of her mother dying on a ship at sea. The compass she gets is the "portal" of sorts to Caroline's time.

Unlike in the preview I read of Sam's Journey book, in this one the modern girl gets old school clothes, and the modern Navy brat traveler finds herself in Regency clothing when she drops back in time. I chose all the dangerous exciting fun bits - convincing Caroline to show the naval officer where the cove is, staying on board when the British ship shows up, helping the young man who gets hit, and then traveling back ashore. It was quite exciting. When I had finished the first adventure, the iBook had a link at the last page telling me I could start over and choose different endings if I liked.

What the choose your adventure things look like in an eBook, for the curious:


9/19/2014 10:29 am  #4

Re: Journey Books? Potential spoilers!

I have them all.  I liked Caroline's best (Addy's would have been close if not for all the rehashing, which seemed too long).  I thought Kit's was the worse.

The modern girls

Kaya: A introverted girl who is picked to lead a gardening group project, but does not know how to speak up and lead, and loves gardening but not the outdoors.

Addy: A girl who is struggling with her parents being away most of the time and her schoolwork (being lazy), and is being watched by her grandparents.

Caroline: Soon to be navy brat who is freaking out over her mom leaving and added responsibility of watching her sisters and helping out around the house.

Samantha: A girl who is forced to spend some time with her dad and stepmother over the summer, and is resisting trying to get along with the stepmom.

Kit: A girl, whose mother works long hours, is usually alone in their fancy high rise apartment with the babysitter and cook.  Loves vintage fashion and badly wants a dog.

Julie: A girl who is living with their mom who is starting a new job in a new place while their dad back in their old home is taking classes to try to get a better job.  Parents are possibly on the verge of divorce.  Loves basketball and misses her best friend back home.

Rebecca: A girl who loves dance and hates schoolwork, as she sees no need for it if she is going to be a dancer.  Has a twin who is the exact opposite - loves schoolwork, striving for Harvard.  Is having a fight with her friend and fellow dancer over a solo.

Regarding Rebecca's, if you choose the one path in the beginning, yes, you will be on some performance story.  The other path has non-performance paths.

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