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5/16/2014 5:35 pm  #1

AG Pet Peeves

I was wondering if you had any thing that bothers you about American Girl, whether it's the company or other fans/collectors.

Personally I hate when people mis-pronounce Josefina's name. It never fails whenever I'm at the store that I hear some mother pronouncing it with an English "J". I always will say something that involves her name loudly to whomever I'm with, so maybe they'll get the hint that they're wrong.

I also don't like when people dress their dolls in Josefina's, Kaya's, and Ivy's things when they aren't from the same culture. It also bothers me when people name their Eastern Asian dolls Mei Ling.

Anyways, what irks you?

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5/16/2014 5:43 pm  #2

Re: AG Pet Peeves

1.) Lack of mystery books for Addy, Josefina and Kaya. (Why no second book for Cecile?)

2.) Marie-Grace and Cecile having only one outfit each now.

3.) Fans who purposely suggest doll ideas to AG just so that have a doll that resembles them (Or a daughter/friend) to a tee.

4.) Fans who complain about not finding an AG doll that resembles them/their daughter.

5.) Fans that spread rumors around like wildfire and actually CLAIM certain things are true, despite no proof from AG.

6.) Fans who shame AG for making their products in China, thus making the company 'un-American'.

7.) Fans who think petitions will actually bring back archived historicals, or who shame AG for archiving historicals in the first place.

8.) The PC vs AG feud, and the accusations that Mattel has ruined AG.

(More to come, maybe)

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5/16/2014 5:44 pm  #3

Re: AG Pet Peeves


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5/16/2014 6:05 pm  #4

Re: AG Pet Peeves

Matt wrote:

One word: Josephina. 'Nuff said.

Yesssss. I can get over people saying it with the "J" sound because I think if you're not hearing it, it's easier to forget (IDK, maybe I just have sight reading problems but I have other words I will read and "hear" wrong in my head based on their phonetics even when I KNOW it's wrong)... But this drives me up the wall! You see the historicals' names plastered everywhere haha.

And yeah, the PC/Mattel debate. It's just been beaten to death IMO.


5/16/2014 6:12 pm  #5

Re: AG Pet Peeves

Sea Siren wrote:

Personally I hate when people mis-pronounce Josefina's name. It never fails whenever I'm at the store that I hear some mother pronouncing it with an English "J". I always will say something that involves her name loudly to whomever I'm with, so maybe they'll get the hint that they're wrong.

I literally just mispronounced it "J"-style in the store like two hours ago. I was aware of her as a doll before reading her books, so I have to retrain my mind. I was so embarrassed when I realized how I'd pronounced it and apologized. Sorry, guys.   

When I have more time I'll list my AG irks.


5/16/2014 6:16 pm  #6

Re: AG Pet Peeves

Just a few:

1: People who spell it "Josephina," "Addie" or "Kristen." That's not how their names have ever been spelled, stop it.

2: "If Pleasant Rowling was still around she would--" She hasn't run the line for over half its time at this point.

3: "The educational part is dying because Historical got Retired!" Go read the books.

4: "Addy's hair is hard to manage because--" Drown in Bleach.

5: "I named my East Asian Doll Meimei Jade Pearl Chicken Hat Stereotype--" Drown in your fail.

6: "This is just about dolls don't bring politics into it--" Shit, I'm a black queer health compromised woman, just living my damn life without me hating me is political.

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5/16/2014 6:26 pm  #7

Re: AG Pet Peeves

I'm tired of the wailing, gnashing of teeth and otherwise negativity about how the brand is going to the trashbin from AG "fans" every time AG makes an announcement ... or there's a leak of a possible (undetermined of origin) product. What!? There's no <insert nit-pick detail item>??!! OH MY GOD THERES NO <insert nit-pick detail item>?!! *gouging out of eyeballs at the travesty of lacking item*

....but maybe this is just me.

And I'm *totally* guilty of calling Josefina with the English "J", and I speak spanish, so there's really no excuse. This will take some unlearning.


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5/16/2014 6:28 pm  #8

Re: AG Pet Peeves

Things that bother me about AG:
1) Ignoring certain historicals. Maybe the reason Addy's sales aren't as high as other dolls' is because you've retired almost everything in her collection. Ever think of that?
2) Not training employees on GOTY/new releases until a day or two before their release (or after their release). We shouldn't know more about new stuff than your employees.
3) The lying ads. MyAG has never been a "create your own doll" line and it probably never will be. You don't need to trick people to get their money.

Things that bother me about (certain parts of) the fandom:
1) PRONUNCIATION. There is absolutely no excuse for getting Josefina's name wrong. End of story.
2) Screaming at AG for not having a doll that exactly resembles your kid. Yes, the ads are misleading, but that's not the store employees' fault. If you want to complain that they don't have a redheaded doll with eyes the exact shade of hazel as your daughter's, complain to corporate.
3) Salon employees cannot make a straight-haired doll's hair curly and vice-versa. Don't ask them to do that. They can't. You can, at home, but they do not have the capability to do it in-store.
4) The notion amongst certain segments of fans that AG fans are straight, white, Christian Republicans and are ONLY straight, white Christian Republicans. That was never true, and it still isn't, no matter how much you want to pretend otherwise. This board is a testament to that.
5) Stop giving these dolls to your toddlers. That's what the Bitty line is for. There's a reason the main line is recommende for older kids.
6) "Why doesn't Kaya smile?" She is. She's just not showing her teeth. Research is your friend.

5/16/2014 6:48 pm  #9

Re: AG Pet Peeves

when people pronounce Josefina w/a hard 'J'--especially when they do it intentionally (may or may not be referring to a youtube vid where this white person consistently says her name wrong & at one point says "I know it's pronounced [says it correctly], but I think it sounds weird so I'm gonna keep saying it wrong." #PlzDieInAFire

when people put the PoC historicals' stuff on their white dolls. we have like one of each, y'all don't need to be stealing our stuff for your white dolls that already have all the things!

when people keep their PoC Moddies in ethnically stereotypical outfits (you know East Asian folks don't just wear cheongsam all the time, right?)

people who refer to Ivy & the other East Asian dolls as "the Oriental one". #OrientalIsARug

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5/16/2014 7:25 pm  #10

Re: AG Pet Peeves

Velcro. I hate hair snagging velcro. The AG clothes I have seem to be very good quality except for their horrible velcro. I know that velcro is cheaper and easier than using snaps or other fasteners. But there is a special kind that only sticks to itself, and I wish that AG used it.


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