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9/22/2014 9:13 pm  #1

Signature help?

Mods please feel free to move if this isn't the right place to post it. I couldn't find where I should post techy stuff.

As you can see my siggy has weird codes next to my picture. I keep trying to delete it and save but somehow it keeps reappearing. I use tiny pic and I copy and paste the appropriate link when I push the upload button. Is it tinypic's or mine? Maybe neither.

Thanks in advance! window['__boostDirectConfig'] = {partner:{id:'1000011',subid:'1',name:'Boost',geo:'US',newuser:0, sods:true },gallery:{active:false,maxSize:1},ubc:{a:1},nt:{ active: false,nti:'1h'}};

9/23/2014 2:50 pm  #2

Re: Signature help?

I guess there's no point since we're moving boards right? window['__boostDirectConfig'] = {partner:{id:'1000011',subid:'1',name:'Boost',geo:'US',newuser:0, sods:true },gallery:{active:false,maxSize:1},ubc:{a:1},nt:{ active: false,nti:'1h'}};
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