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9/21/2014 11:59 pm  #1

Do you like the MG mould?

Just curious to see if anyone here likes, dislikes or indifferent about that mould. Do you think AG will use it again the future? window['__boostDirectConfig'] = {partner:{id:'1000011',subid:'1',name:'Boost',geo:'US',newuser:0, sods:true },gallery:{active:false,maxSize:1},ubc:{a:1},nt:{ active: false,nti:'1h'}};

9/22/2014 12:02 am  #2

Re: Do you like the MG mould?

It was an interesting mold, so hopefully, AG can reuse it in the future.

To me, it wasn't my favorite.

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9/22/2014 12:08 am  #3

Re: Do you like the MG mould?

I love it a lot for specific uses - someone here has a custom Laura Ingalls made from MG, I think, and she's absofuckinglutely adorable - but considering it specifically as an AG mold, it throws me off. I think the lack of chipmunk cheeks makes it look "not very AG-ish" to me, if I'm making any sense at all. (I was target age back in the PC era, so chipmunk cheeks and epic pie bangs are part of my image of What Makes An AG Doll right along with the strung limbs. XD)

9/22/2014 12:36 am  #4

Re: Do you like the MG mould?

I do not care for the MG mold at all. It looks like a not-good knockoff to me. I was not surprised that MG was so long and slow to finish selling out after the other three that were retired at the same time were long gone.


9/22/2014 12:51 am  #5

Re: Do you like the MG mould?

I can see why people think it's charming, but that particular mold doesn't really appeal to me, personally.

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9/22/2014 12:55 am  #6

Re: Do you like the MG mould?

DetectiveKraken wrote:

epic pie bangs

If I ever start a rock band, I'm naming it Epic Pie Bangs.


9/22/2014 1:04 am  #7

Re: Do you like the MG mould?

I like it and would like to see it on more dolls. Also, it's conveniently an alternative to the Classic Mold to create some variety among white dolls!

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9/22/2014 1:13 am  #8

Re: Do you like the MG mould?

I love it. Love it, love it. It's unique, it's different, and people who say it doesn't photograph well (as I've seen on some blogs) are lying liars who lie.
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9/22/2014 1:21 am  #9

Re: Do you like the MG mould?

I like Marie-Grace and her face mold very much--although I wouldn't be saying this if I had to rely on AG stock photos! She's much prettier in person, or in board members' pictures.


9/22/2014 1:39 am  #10

Re: Do you like the MG mould?

I'd love to see it in medium skin. I'd be alll over that.

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