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9/21/2014 4:36 pm  #1


Hi! I'm Talia,Delona's neice. If you read her thread in Chit-Chat, you know who I am. I have two american girl dolls. I have Saige and pre-beforever Rebecca. I have hazelish eyes and wavy darker strawberry blond hair with light freckles. I look like Mia but slightly more tan with longer,wavy,darker hair. I am Dominican and Puerto Rican. I am really excited to be here with adults that will treat me like a teen. I don't curse and am smarter than your average teen.

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Call me Tals, or Talia!


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Re: Hello!

Welcome from a fellow teen!


9/21/2014 6:34 pm  #3

Re: Hello!

Thanks. Teens Unite!

Call me Tals, or Talia!

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Re: Hello!

And welcome from an older person (33 here)! Hope you find the board a friendly and enjoyable place to be!

My girls: Kirsten Johanna Larson (c. 1854: Ryd, Sweden/ Minnesota), Olive Leah Fonseca (c. 1887: East London, UK), Eva Marie Graff (c. 1926: Upper Michigan)

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