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9/13/2014 4:54 pm  #1

Gwen doll

Gwen was purchased by me from AG in late 2009. She has silky smooth hair with a few flyaways. Arms are tight enough to hold a pose; though her legs are fairly loose, she can still stand on them. Eyes function perfectly. She has a few small marks on her face and limbs, none of which I have tried to get off. There is one on her face that is fairly noticeable, but the rest are very easy to miss. She has a small mark on her torso that I believe may be a pencil mark but don't remember the history behind. She will arrive in her original box in underwear only.
Asking $95 plus shipping but willing to negotiate within reason. I intend to ship via USPS and will calculate shipping using their estimates based on your zip code; if their estimate is incorrect, I will cover what's left. I ship on weekends.

Pictures and other information available upon request.

I accept payment through Paypal (though please note that it's my parents' account).

I'll have more dolls to list soon as well, so keep an eye out for them!

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