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4/13/2014 11:29 pm  #1

Frozen movie music

Is anyone else finding this a huge cultural phenomenon? I was in a movie theatre with tons of kids very competently singing along not just with the main songs, but with all the songs. Kids seem to learn them and parents don't understand why, since as far as they know the kid only saw the film once or twice.
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4/13/2014 11:43 pm  #2

Re: Frozen movie music

Eerie......though I admit 'Let It Go' can get easily stuck in one's (And my) mind.

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4/14/2014 7:47 pm  #3

Re: Frozen movie music

Yeahhh, definately moreso than others I have seen with my kids. But I completely understand why. So do my other parent friends. This movie clicked with multiple generations. For starters, its a storyline parents can get on board with since (spoiler alert) the true love highlighted in the story isn't about a romance, but about a bond between sisters. Then one of the main characters is made fun of for wanting to marry a guy she just met, which was atypical of so many previous princess stories. I found that freakin' refreshing. 

Then they get the powerhouse Idina Menzel from Wicked to sing a hugely soaring and personally resonating song for an empowered female role? Yes, please. WooHoo FROZEN. I bought the DVD.

If your kids have access to the internet, no doubt they've seen the million YouTube Videos, sing-a-longs and spoofs. And they sing it with aaaaall their buddies at school. I fully support this. Damn good songs. Even better message.

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4/22/2014 12:59 pm  #4

Re: Frozen movie music

I just watched this movie with my sister today. Perfect sister bonding time, right?

And the music was nice, but frankly I still have "Let's Go Fly a Kite" stuck in my head from watching "Saving Mr. Banks" three days ago.

My brother came into the room at the end and said, "Is that Frozen? It's supposed to be good."
So I am not returning the DVD to the library until he watches it, LOL.


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