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10/14/2013 9:18 pm  #1

My Little Pony Forum Rules

1. Don't be a dick.

2. While this is not a completely Brony-free zone and Bronies with a penchant for AG dolls are welcome here for sure, this is a Drama Pony free zone. We do not call that sweet wall-eyed pegasus by her horribly ableist fandom name around these parts, mmmkay? It's been censored, and attempts to circumvent that will be greeted with warnings. Continued attempts after warnings to circumvent the censoring will result in a swift banning. Are we quite clear? Suggested names are: Bubbles, Bubblecup, Muffin, Ditzy Doo or The Grey Lady.

3. Pony sales are allowed, in the appropriate forum. Which is not this forum. Go back, look in the Doll and Pony Show section. Ta-da!

4. All generations of My Little Ponies, including Equestria Girls dolls and fakies, are perfectly welcome here! No hate from this crowd, we love our old ponies as much as the new ones!

5. Don't be a dick.

6. Episode discussion is more than welcome, but please do be mindful of spoilers, in case there's people who want to remain spoiler free!

7. Don't be a brony apologist. Either be a brony and accept that Bronies are extremely flawed people, or be a non-Brony who just likes ponies. Don't tell us "Not all bronies..." or something of the sort because sorry, no.

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