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7/23/2014 6:36 pm  #1

Need a home for my wife's retired American Girls!

These poor little ladies have been sitting in my wife's, parent's attic, since 1992.

They are all original all in excellent condition! Boxes included, she is holding onto Kirsten though!

Trying to stay afloat and would love these to go to a happy home! All on eBay, so get them quick!
Links below:
Retired American Girl Doll Felicity
Retired American Girl Doll Molly">Retired American Girl Doll Samantha with Winter Outfit
Retired American Girl Doll Samantha Wicker Table and Chairs, and Two Accessory Sets

Thanks for your time!

Note from Mod Boomdiada: This is a community, not Craigslist. Don't just join to sell your stuff.

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