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5/06/2014 8:46 pm  #1


I'm probably late to the table with this one, but I saw Blackfish last week and it's really stuck with me. Has anyone else seen it? It's a documentary that purports to give the truth about Sea World and the horrible truths about the captive orca trade. It focuses on Tillikum, a whale that was captured at a year and a half old and has killed three people during his time at Sea World and the now-defunct Sealand in Canada. It's very hard to watch at times; there is footage of Tillikum and other whales being aggressive during shows and trying to drown a trainer, there is footage of a whale that fatally injured herself during a show and they play clips of 911 calls and discuss the autopsies of two orca victims. If you can't stomach violence or seeing animals in harrowing situations, you might want to pass on this one.
I thought the movie was horrifying, in more ways than one. Not only are the injuries and deaths horrific, but just how they get orcas and how they treat them is terrible. Sailors used to follow pods in the Pacific Northwest and essentially steal the babies from their families, just so amusement parks could teach them to do tricks for tourists. It's disgusting.

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Re: Blackfish

Oh my gosh! I know! For some reason I've found that documentary fascinating and I've seen it like three times. I really think everyone should watch it. I know I will never give sea world a dime ever again.

I actually went to sea world right after the last death. At the time everyone said it was an accident. Knowing what I know now it makes me sick to think that I supported this horrible system for even one day.


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Re: Blackfish

I've never been, and I certainly won't be going now. I hope they fold, honestly. They've been getting a ton of bad PR and their sales are suffering. Their presence on social media now is all damage-control, and people are not buying it from what I've seen.
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5/15/2014 6:00 pm  #4

Re: Blackfish

This has been in my Netflix queue for awhile. I'll have to finally watch it!

We used to go to Sea World a lot when I was a kid, but ours closed at least 10 years ago. I honestly wasn't even aware there were still Sea Worlds until the story about Tillikum came out. Sounds like it would be best for them to close entirely.


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