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1/02/2014 12:24 am  #1

Movie Forum Rules - Stay after the credits, there's a stinger.

1: No one cares if you hate a movie. Critique is one thing,  If you hate a movie totally and are just posting to say so, don't post about it.

2: Creeper stop Creeping. If you've met someone famous, that's awesome! If you're stalking them, shoving RPF in their face, hating on people's personal lives or going on about that they should dump thier partners or any of that, that's super creepy. Actors are people too.

3: Mark your spoilers. Some people don't want to know what's going to happen before they see the movie. You can expect spoilers, say--three weeks after a movie premieres. Before then, it's polite to hide them in some way. Don't just be like "HEY GUYS I SAW A LEAK DID YOU KNOW THE BOAT SINKS IN TITANIC" and ruin it for others. (That is not a spoiler. Historical movies don't have spoilers.)

4: No talking about bootlegging. Seriously. Watch the movie, but we'd rather not see or know how you do if it's not on DVD, BluRay, or ass in the movie theatre.

5: No porn. C'mon, man. Sex scenes in movies, BTW are not porn.

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